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+ What kinds of things do you design?

At Hullo Creative we have an incredible team who are experts in their fields. So we pride ourselves on being able to turn our hands to pretty much anything to do with design. But here’s a list that covers most of it:

Branding: full brand identity packages including brand colours, fonts, icons, logos etc.
Digital: websites, micro sites, ebooks, animations, infographics, social media images, email newsletters.
Print: books, booklets, flyers, leaflets, brochures, catalogues, prospectuses, annual reports, adverts, press articles, clothing, merchandise, certificates.
Stationery: business cards, letterheads, compliment slips, postcards, invoice templates, notebooks, cards.
Display: rollout banners, exhibition stands, canvas banners, A boards, display graphics, posters.
Books & publishing: book covers, typesetting, editing and proofreading, graphics, children’s book illustrations, publishing consultancy.
Weddings & celebrations: save the dates, invitations, orders of service, table plans, place settings, signage.
And more: packaging, CD design.

If you don’t see what you need on the list, get in touch - if we can help, we definitely will.

+ How do you charge for design work?

Our fee is based on a combination of time, complexity, value and business size. Some projects are bespoke while others come as packages. For the majority of projects we charge 50% up front and 50% on completion, with a no interest payment plan of up to 6 months on remaining 50% on offer if you need it. If you’re getting a range of things designed over a period of time e.g. branding, flyers, business cards, website etc we can package these up and split the total cost over a year or less.

+ Do you offer a free consultation?

Sort of! The way it works is that for branding and website jobs we do an hour’s consultancy for a small fee. There’s no obligation to use us beyond that. But if you decide you do want to work with us then that fee will be taken off the final invoice.

+ Who owns the files at the end?

With everything we design, we keep hold of the editable files - in other words, the InDesign or Illustrator files. This includes the workings of how we actually go about designing the project, which is our intellectual property. But we will export the signed off designs to the useable file type(s) that you need for your business (e.g. PNG, JPG) and these will be owned entirely by you.

+ Can you get things printed for me?

We don’t have print facilities in-house but we have a selection of trusted suppliers to fulfil our print requirements if you’d like us to either recommend or even handle the print aspect for you. However, if you have your own preferred printer we can simply provide a print-ready artwork file - there’s no obligation to print through us.

+ Will same person always design my stuff?

We use a pool of trusted studio designers to help us stay responsive and allow us to deliver projects quickly and efficiently. We may use more than one of our designers on your work but there will usually be a common designer on each and the project manager signing off the work will stay the same so the design is consistent.

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Timings and jobs

+ Can you handle large capacity jobs?

Absolutely. Although as a creative team we pride ourselves on being small enough to be flexible and personal, we do have 10 studio designers who work together as a collective. That means we’ll pretty much always be able to help, no matter how large, complex or ongoing the project.

+ How long will my design project take?

It depends on the project but, because we have a whole studio of designers to draw on, we’ve got good capacity so that won’t hold things up. Instead, it’s more about taking the time needed to get it right. As an example, a website could be done within three weeks and a branding project could be as little as a week. It really depends on how long the sign off process takes at your end. We try to respond to emails within 24 hours from Monday to Friday, so if you want to talk about your project specifically, just get in touch.

+ What do I need to provide before you start my design project?

If you have brand guidelines then this is an excellent starting point for your project. We will also need any images you want us to include (although we can source stock images for you and can also recommend some brilliant photographers). Beyond that we’ll need to get an idea of what the purpose of the project is, who the target audience is and so on, so have a think about these things before the briefing. Finally, we’ll need any written content - we don’t write copy although again, we can recommend someone to do this if you need help.

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+ Do I need brand guidelines?

Brand guidelines are super helpful and will definitely help the design process. But if you don’t have any, don’t worry - we’ll use the briefing stage to get what we need. We can also produce brand guidelines for you if you decide you do want them.

+ What do I get at the end of a branding process?

A full brand identity process will give you a logo in a series of formats - JPG, PNG and EPS files in both RGB and CMYK (screen and print colours) - plus a mini branding booklet PDF, which will include details of how to use the logos plus your colour palette and font details. We don’t include the font files but we will tell you where you can buy or download these.

+ Do you provide the fonts for my brand?

Unless you commission us to create a bespoke font, we don’t provide font files for you to use within your own design work. We will show you where you can get them though.

+ How many revisions do I get?

Quick answer: two! As it happens, a lot of clients don’t need even this many and in some cases we’ve done more because we want to make sure our clients are 100% happy. The only time we’ll need to revisit the original quote is if the brief changes significantly and we have to do extra work because of that.

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+ Do you design websites on Wordpress?

We don’t. The platform we use is called Squarespace. We chose it because it’s user friendly, responsive on all screen sizes, and gives us a clean base for building really stylish sites. Using Squarespace means that once the site is finished we can hand ownership over to you. It’s super easy to use and we even run workshops to help you get used to it. There are plenty of great tutorials out there too. Or alternatively if you really don’t want to look after it yourself, we can offer you an aftercare maintenance contract.

+ Do you do SEO?

There are no plugins with Squarespace, so Yoast isn’t option, but don’t worry - Squarespace has basic SEO built in, which is another reason why we design websites on this platform, and this is constantly being update. However there is more you can do to enhance the SEO of your Squarespace website. While we don’t do this in house and wouldn’t call ourselves SEO specialists, we do cover the basics in the Squarespace workshop. And there are loads of tutorials available that can help you develop these skills even further.

+ Can you provide copy, photos etc for my website?

Because of the collaborative nature of the Hullo Creative studio, you’ll be able to access all sorts of creatives to help you build your website e.g. copywriters and photographers. And if the person you need isn’t in the Barn, we have a very well stocked little black book of top quality contacts including everyone from artists to social media ad campaign experts.

+ Do you host domains?

When you build a website you need to host two different things: the domain name and the website (server). In some cases this can be done together. With Squarespace, the cost of hosting your website on their server will be included in your monthly subscription so you’ll just have to find a domain name host. There are plenty of big brands out there who provide this, or we have a trusted local company who we use because they provide such a brilliant, personalised service.

+ Is there an ongoing cost to using Squarespace?

Yes, because Squarespace is a Cloud hosting platform, there is an ongoing subscription which you pay as you would for any hosting company. This is roughly $25 a month or $145 a year.

+ What if I don’t have any images for my website?

Original images are a great way of creating a visual brand identity. However, if you don’t have any then we can source stock images for you free of charge. We also know several fantastic photographers we can recommend.

+ How quickly can you design my website?

A website usually takes anywhere between four and eight weeks to complete but in reality we’re flexible. If you have a deadline of three weeks we will do our best to meet that. It all depends how much else we have on and how ready you are to get moving with things like copy, images etc.

+ When do I get to see the website design?

Depending on how detailed the brief is we will either design a first iteration of your whole site or we’ll just design the home page and give you a chance to make amends early on. Once we’ve completed a draft, you’ll get a first look at the private, password-protected pre-live site which you’ll see as your viewers will see it. At that point you can provide feedback on everything from style to content and more. We build two amends stages into every design project as standard.

Nope, it’s all yours. We’re big believers in giving you the tools you need to run your business the way you want to and will never tie you into anything.

+ What accreditations do you have as website designers?

We are members of Squarespace Circle, which also gives us access to special tools, the latest updates and a community of designers we can share best practice with.

+ Can I update my website myself?

Yes absolutely. That’s why we use Squarespace. It’s super simple and the design is owned by you so you’re not tied into working with us. But like we said above, we can offer a maintenance package if you don’t want to, find it difficult or done have the time.

+ Do you offer website support?

Yes, we offer a light aftercare support package which covers things like updating pictures and text, uploading blogs etc. It costs £50+VAT per month and works out at about 30 minutes of our time per month - which might not sound like much but we use Squarespace literally all the time so we can fit loads into that time. If you need anything else over and above the allocated time, it will be billed at an hourly rate. But we’ll discuss things with you before we go ahead and do anything that goes beyond the monthly fee.