4 ways Social Media changed the world


Social Media is a massive part our everyday lives these days and there is no doubt about it - it is here to stay. But the way it is being used is changing. Gone are the days (we hope) when having a zillion followers or likes defines you as successful. 

It's amazing what social media can do. Here are four examples of how a social media campaign can change the world.

1. The Ice Bucket Challenge

During the summer of 2014 we probably all recorded an ice bucket challenge. The craze was created to raise money and awareness for ALS, otherwise known as Motor Neuron Disease.  This is such a great example of an idea going viral. Everyone was doing it; celebrities, politicians, and sportspeople. 

More importantly, everyone was sharing it on social media. In total, it raised a staggering £88 million pounds for The ALS Association. This worked because it was an original idea. It was something people could do easily, it didn't take too much time - but the reach was immense.

Here's our very own Suzi Hull and her Ice bucket challenge...  

2. Pokemon Go!

You may have seen people wandering around recently looking for Eevie's, Snorlax or even Dragonites. No, not characters from Game of Thrones but all part of the global phenomenon that is Pokemon Go! The ideas is that once you have found your highest scoring creature, you post your findings on social media and move on to the next. It dominated Facebook. Although it's a mobile app, the reach via social media channels was huge. It is estimated that the game was downloaded 100 million times and created $200 million in sales.

We are pretty sure this would never have happened without good old Social Media.

3. Oreoeclipse

In 2015 the Oreo came up with a genius marketing plan. To work in line with the solar eclipse they used 'real-time' marketing to create a video billboard to coincide with the movement of the sun. This was the beginning of a much bigger campaign which won them an industry award.

Jonathan Holden, Oreo marketing manager, said: “We want Oreo to be an even more iconic brand in the UK. Playfully putting it at the centre of a moment where the whole country will be looking in the same direction makes this idea the perfect fit for that ambition.”

Perhaps not world changing as such but leading the way in real-time marketing  - the next big thing?

4. Shake for Mike

This is a local story to us here in Bristol, it may not have changed the big wide world but it certainly changed the world for those involved. Bristol man Mike Brandon was diagnosed with leukemia in 2014. He was told that he would need a donor within 60 days. 

His fiance Kate set up a social media campaign which involved taking a picture of yourself shaking your head to camera. Then, of course sharing it on social media - it went viral! The message was intended to encourage people to register with the Anthony Nolan Trust primarily as a potential donor for Mike. The result has seen not only Mike finding a donor but, The Anthony Nolan Trust has seen a 650% increase in registrations and 7000 potential donors. 

World changing.




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