Hullo Creative Team Profile: Suzi Hull


This week on our blog, we are chatting to Suzi Hull who is the Founder and Creative Lead at Hullo


How did you get into graphic design?

In school I loved art - it was my favourite subject. I took it so seriously! I was a geek - stayed late to learn extra skills in the classroom like batiq, coming in early to learn screen printing and sneaking in at lunch times to try photoshop on the only computer in the department… a complete arty nerd.

I didn’t know much about graphics until my art foundation and fell in love. There was nothing that excited me like graphics.

My parents showed me such support - if it weren’t for my dad, I would have been one of those kids that was told to ‘get a real job’. One time in sixth form, I was doing a project on Sir Terry Frost and my dad took the day off work to take me all the way to St Ives to see his work in person. It’s a stand out memory for me - where my dad showed me that some dreams are worth sacrificing and fighting for. Seeing the works in real life were so different from the text book - I still remember the paintings now.

I got into Falmouth University and it just fueled the passion further. I had a great tutor Andy Neal who designed for causes and people for that mattered. He wasn’t about designing for awards and to be the most ‘stylish designer out there’ - it was about creating intuitive pieces that were what the clients and people needed. It’s what I believe to this day.

After Uni I worked Oakwood Design Consultancy - I was surrounded by amazing designers and a boss Phil, that cared more than anything about giving the client what they needed. He was a bit extreme with the hours he expected but the passion and care he showed was something I admired.

Who is your favourite designer?

Right now I love Lisa Glanz, an illustrator and surface pattern designer from Cape Town. She combines illustration, graphic design and typography. She creates beautiful assets and pieces but doesn’t take herself too seriously.

I also love Bri Emery - a creative director and Los Angeles-based founder and editor of designlovefest, a lifestyle blog with an eye for design in style, DIY, food, travel, entertaining and more. She creates beautiful branding and graphic design pieces that make me drool with jealousy!

What has been your favourite piece of work so far?

My favourite piece is actually a branding job we did for a local church youth team. It was amazing to work on something with such vibrancy and freedom. The name was ‘True Colours Crew’ and it was all about helping the kids show their true colours. I loved the brand and everything that came with it - every piece that they ask us to do, excites me!
It also includes triangles… my favourite shape!


If you won the lottery where would you go on holiday and why?

I would love to go to India to see all the colours and experience raw beauty an incredibly different world of design and then onto Hawaii… I imagine the sea is perfect, the sand is soft and the sunsets incredible!

Thanks Suzi!

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