How Innocent have got it so right


If you follow us on Facebook, you will know that we love Innocent Smoothies - or rather, we love their marketing. Their smoothies and drinks are delicious, their logo and branding is simple and effective - but their marketing is completely 100% on point.

Who is Innocent?

Innocent was born in 1998 when three friends met at university. They had a dream of setting up a business together, so started selling smoothies at a festival. They asked their customers to vote on whether they should give up their jobs and start making/selling smoothies for good - the answer was a resounding yes, so that's what they did!

We first discovered Innocent whist watching the David Attenborough series Planet Earth 2. As is a common phenomenon at Hullo, Amy, our Digital Marketing Guru was checking Facebook as she was watching (yes, yes it is her job!) She happened to catch a post from Innocent Smoothies, the post summarised in a hand drawn graph the emotional rollercoaster that was that particular episode of Planet Earth.

This post received 3.5k likes and 574 shares - It was almost as if by accident, like a member of the marketing team posted this on the spur of the moment. Then when they realised they were onto a winner they started posting every time Planet Earth was aired on TV. It became part of the experience - people looked forward to watching Planet Earth but also looked forward to seeing the post that would follow from Innocent. They also interacted with people after the show, they were no longer a brand but a person - just like us.

Just that one post made Amy like and follow Innocent Smoothies, consciously or subconsciously she made her first Innocent purchase a few weeks later.  

The Comedy

What is great about their social media marketing strategy is that it's very similar to that situational comedy that gets us all nodding in agreement. It's what we know is true. It's like the comedy genius of Michael McIntyre. It rings true with us and we find ourselves nodding or smiling in agreement, it gets us somehow in a way that goes right to our core.

What they get right

  • It's simple
  • It's funny
  • It's true
  • It's authentic
  • They interact with people
  • It makes you want to know more

So, back to your Social Media...

Now, we aren't saying that you have to be as funny as Michael McIntyre or as on it with current affairs as Innocent, but we are saying that you should be authentic, credible and fun! Yes, there are elements of social media that are serious business, but don't forget the social aspect - the interaction with people - that's what it's all about. 

If you would like to find out more about how to get your social media working for you why not come along to our social media workshop on 6th June! 

Happy day!

Hullo Creative