How to be animated - Three types of animations that'll get you noticed.


Experts suggest that by 2018, almost 80% of internet traffic will be video content. The potential of this powerful visual medium is virtually endless - it can help you drive audience engagement, boost shareability, increase knowledge retention and convert leads into sales.

At Hullo, we’ve been working with exciting formats from pure video to whiteboard animations and blended concepts, to provide our clients with exactly what they need to communicate their message.



Our signature whiteboard animations use hand drawn illustrations to reveal your narrative in a way that is proven to drive audience engagement and increase knowledge retention. Basically, it helps people remember what they’ve seen as well making it interesting and memorable .



VisualScribe enhances live action video with bespoke graphic overlays, designed to highlight the key elements of your narrative and add interest by varying the visual pace.



These full-colour animations bring traditional book-style illustrations and paper cut images to life, using custom-drawn graphics and advanced layering techniques.


Our start-to-finish service runs from concept and scripting through storyboarding, filming and animation, to post production and voice overs. Have a look at some of the examples we’ve worked on for our clients recently…


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