Surviving summer - how to maintain a social media presence over the holidays


Summer has arrived, the kids have broken up, and you’re staring down the barrel of the loooooongest holidays of the year. Time’s limited (even more than usual) so how can you make the most of what time you do have - and keep your social media accounts going so you’re not playing catch-up in September?

Our Digital Marketing Manager, Amy, has some top tips for you.


Schedule, schedule, schedule

There are loads of free tools you can use to schedule multiple social media accounts and feeds. It can take a while to get your head around producing all your posts in one go, but trust us - it saves time and is definitely worth it.

We love the calendar function in Hootsuite, which allows you to schedule posts and then move them around as necessary. Buffer is great too - the design is nice and clean, and the drag and drop system makes it super easy to use. 


Schedule as you go with apps

Whatever scheduling tool you choose, take it a step further by downloading the app onto your phone. That way if you read something useful when you’re standing in a queue at the supermarket you can add it straight to your social feed. No more wasted time!

Just make sure you double check you’re posting to the correct feed before you hit publish. It’s easier to make mistakes on mobile when you’re in a hurry.


Curate content

If you struggle to produce shareable content of your own, you can curate other people’s content. That’s just a marketing way of saying pulling together a bunch of other people’s stuff, selecting the things you know your audience will be most interested in. DrumUp is our new favourite tool for sourcing useful articles from across the web. 

You will need some time up front to add information about the topics your audience might be interested in. But once you’ve done this it will pull relevant content into a list for you every single day. And even better, you can save time by scheduling directly from DrumUp if you want to.


Use hashtags as inspiration

One of the hardest things about generating so many posts in one go is finding inspiration. It’s hard to keep your writing fresh and on brand when the task is so big. 

So, why not use daily hashtags to get the brain whirring? For example use #MotivationMonday to post something upbeat, #WisdomWednesday to share a useful business tip, or ever-popular #ff (Follow Friday) to throw the spotlight on another business you admire. You could even create your own.

These are not only great to help you generate content but will increase your visibility too.


Allow yourself set times to check in

When you’re off on holiday with the family don’t be tempted to constantly look at your phone. It’s the surest route to arguments (we know this from experience!).


But if the idea of unplugging completely leaves you in a cold sweat, agree set times that you will check in with each account. For example, first thing each morning or while the kids are glued to their favourite CBeebies show. And then switch off and enjoy the rest of your day.


Outsource for summer with a short term contract

If you fancy taking the summer off, why not think about outsourcing? 

It doesn’t have to be a permanent move. We offer 3-month packages to get you through the summer and over the busy back-to-school period. If you’re nervous about the idea, why not get in touch so we can put your mind at rest?

Remember, it’s important to have a break. You’ll come back refreshed and ready to hit the ground running.


Wishing you a wonderful summer, whatever you’re up to, from all the team at Hullo.

Hullo Creative