How we gave KudaCan a fresh dose of kapow!


Because a few of the team here at Hullo Creative have small people of our own, we were already pretty familiar with KudaCan as a place to chill out over coffee and cake while the kids amuse themselves. So when owner Pegah came to us for help to give the place an overhaul and modernise her branding, we were only too happy to help.

Ambitious plans

If you’re not lucky enough to be in the know, KudaCan was a children’s play café based in Bishopston, Bristol. But that wasn’t enough for Pegah anymore! With years of parent sanity-saving under her belt, she was ready to invest in the next step and turn her space into an adventure play zone and community hub - and she wanted us to help by creating a cohesive look and feel that would charm kids and parents alike. 


Like so many of our brilliant clients, Pegah had loads of great ideas. And was excited about getting stuck in and making the transformation happen. But she’s just one woman (albeit a very impressive one!) and this was a big job – with lots of moving parts. Luckily Team Hullo is excited by a challenge.

Colours, characters and creativity

First up we decamped to the cafe, laptops at the ready, to work through everything required to carry off the full KudaCan revamp Pegah was after. 

We soon realised that a powerful kids’ brand like KudaCan needed some kapow! in the form of illustrated superhero characters. We contacted the company who made the soft play equipment to make sure this new branding would match the play frame’s colour scheme. And then we got to work.  

Once our friendly superhero team was born, the project took on an exciting life of its own.

Powering up the branding

We found cost-effective ways to update the inside of the space with our superhero-themed wall art, and made sure the new branding tied into everything. From design and installation of onsite signage, to graphics and printing of menus and party invitations, we looked at everything. Really, everything. Even the ceiling.

Finally, we translated all that into a clear and colourful website (complete with lots of superhero speech balloons for good measure). And then we ran training with Pegah so she would feel confident running the site herself once we’d done our bit.

So much to do! But for a business like KudaCan, being closed costs money, so we did it all in just eight short weeks.

What Pegah had to say

And we’re pleased to report that Pegah was really happy with how it all turned out.

“Choosing Hullo Creative for my company's rebranding was an easy decision,” she says. “They listened to my brief and just got it! The first draft brought the vision to life, exactly as it was in my head. 

“Meetings with Hullo are fun, creative and full of belly laughs! They are professional, real and current. It's great to finally find one company that can do it all, that includes designing and creating a brand new Squarespace website. And they project managed the whole thing seamlessly. That's why I continue to work with them.”

If you’d like the Hullo team to work their superpowers on your branding get in touch today.

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