How to throw a bespoke bash


We love a good party, don’t you?

Whether it’s a Christmas office bash or a special birthday, hen or stag do, wedding or anniversary, baby shower or Christening, parties are a great excuse to get friends, family and colleagues together, put on your gladrags and have loads of fun.


It’s also more and more becoming a chance to get really creative when it comes to theming, decorations and design. We’ve seen a real trend in bespoke partywear over the last year or two and have been asked to do countless projects for brides to be, birthday boys and even celebrating business owners.

If you’re planning an event over the next few months and want to make sure it’s a really special one, think about how you can make it bespoke. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Decide on a theme for your party

A general theme is usually the best place to start as this will inform all the other decisions you make as you plan your big bash. Think about:

  • Who the party is for: do they have any favourite films, hobbies or other interests you can use as inspiration?

  • Who’s coming: a family friendly wedding is a very different affair to a corporate celebration.

  • The weather: a tropical theme in mid-winter might not work!

  • Resources: this includes everything from budget to venue, all of which impact on what’s achievable.

There is plenty of inspiration available online - Pinterest is an excellent place to start.

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 09.13.18.png

Pick a design scheme that works for the theme

Once you’ve narrowed down your theme - whether that’s Harry Potter, Art Deco or Mexican Fiesta - you can start thinking about the design elements. These include a colour palette, any icons that go with the theme, and a suitable font. To take the Art Deco example, you might want black, silver and jewel tones; champagne saucers, fans and graphic shapes; and a font like Metropolis by Tugcu Design Co.

Create a great first impression with your invitations

The first interaction your guests will have with your party is the invitations so it’s really important that they set the right tone. For a truly bespoke bash, shop bought invitations just aren’t going to cut it. You could create your own or if you have the budget to get a designer involved even better. Professional printing will also go a long way to giving your invites the right kind of quality. Remember to incorporate your chosen colours, fonts and icons to keep the theme going.

Make sure your decorations are truly bespoke

As with the invitations, if you’re looking to create a bespoke bash then you really need to make your decorations yourself or get someone to help you, rather than looking in the shops. Depending on the kind of event you’re organising, you might choose:

  • Bunting

  • Posters and signage

  • Table and place names

  • Photobooth accessories

  • Labels and stickers

Again, these should all include your chosen colours, fonts and icons. You can also add non-bespoke items like balloons and flowers by sticking within your colour palette.

Add some wow factor with a bespoke centre piece

But don’t be limited to the traditional decorations. How about creating something that will really get people talking long after the party is finished?

For example, we once designed the decorations for a Harry Potter themed party. For this we created a life sized sign post with directions to Diagon Alley, Hogwarts and The Three Broomsticks. We also attached dozens of letters to invisible thread and hung these carefully from the ceiling near a fireplace so it looked like they’d just flown down the chimney.

Make memories with special bespoke gifts


The party doesn’t have to finish when everyone goes home - not if you send them away with a gift that will remind them of the fun they’ve had. Party favours come in all shapes and sizes so don’t be afraid to think big.

You could make fudge and package it in bags stuck closed with bespoke labels, or print themed inspiration messages (in your chosen fonts and colours, of course) on seeded card so your guests can plant them and enjoy the results for months.

Say thank you in themed style

If you’re hosting a wedding or a big birthday celebration, for example, you may well be given lots of gifts and will therefore want to send out thank you cards. To finish as you started, make sure you get thank you cards designed in your party theme. You could even get stickers printed to seal the envelopes for a lovely finishing touch.

If you’re planning a event, whether at home or for work, and you’d like to discuss your ideas with us, get in touch for a chat.