Bespoke branded gifts: the new way to stand out


What’s the weirdest branded gift you have ever been given?

Maybe it was at a conference or exhibition, or even a present from a client.

Looking around the Barn we’ve accumulated a fair few branded items over the years. We’ve seen everything from pens and mugs to notebooks and stress balls. But it’s quite rare to find something that really stands out and shouts, “Look at me! Remember me!”

So, what if you could come up with something truly original that people actually wanted to keep and use every single day? And better still, something that had your branding on it so you were never very far away from the user’s thoughts.


What is corporate gifting?

Corporate gifting is not a new thing; in fact it’s a huge industry. Businesses might choose branded items to give away from their stand at a trade show, or to send to their clients at Christmas, or even to mail out to attract the attention of potential new customers.

What is new is the idea of doing it really well, of doing it better than the competition. Of really creating something that will stand out and give your brand an edge.

And the best way to do that is to go bespoke.


How to design the perfect gift for your clients?


Take some time to think about who your clients or customers are and what they might appreciate. Pick something that is of value to them, something they can use or enjoy.

Things like branded pens, USB sticks and mugs are useful even if they aren’t enormously unusual. Or how about a beautifully designed notebook complete with useful tips or inspirational quotes and illustrations? Your clients are surely more likely to keep that out on the desk than a neon pink stress ball.

Also remember that it’s important to make sure anything you give away aligns to your brand values and image. For instance, if you pride yourself on your eco-friendliness, consider something like an ethically-sourced tote bag or stylish reusable water bottle. Or what about some branded wild flower seeds so you can encourage clients to go forth and create their own flower meadow for the bees and butterflies?

If you can think of something relevant to your business, all the better. We’ve seen branded dog collars from a pet sitting service, branded wooden spoons from a kitchen fitter, and even little knitted boiled egg cosies (given away by a local chicken farmer to visiting school children) - anything goes!


With that in mind, remember to make your branding noticeable, but not so overpowering that it prevents whatever the item is from being used.

A thoughtful branded Christmas gift can be a lovely way to foster a lasting relationship with clients, and show your gratitude for their custom during the previous year.

Why not let us help come up with the perfect thing to represent you and your business? We’re ready to get our thinking caps on, so get in touch today.

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