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Clever branding in sports

The summer is well and truly here and already there have been some awesome sporting events that have had the nation hooked. Whether it’s cricket, motor racing, tennis or cycling, there has been something for everyone recently.

For Dave, the newest member of our team, it’s the cycling...

For many of us cycling fans, this is the most enjoyable time of year.

Not only has the weather been great so we are able to enjoy getting in the miles, but also the greatest cycling event of the year has started, Tour De France.

This year we have also been enjoying the commentary supplied by one of the greatest characters in British cycling, Bradley Wiggins. His insight and humour is definitely worth a watch and listen. Follow him on Instagram @bradwiggins.

This got us thinking of how Bradley Wiggins has become a brand in his own right. From his own cycling team to clothing and bikes. It has become a major commercial success.

The brand was launched with perfect timing.

As he finished his professional career with a successful attempt at the hour long record (basically cycling round a track for as far as you can in 1 hour) managing 54.526km in London. It was the first time he appeared in his team branding and gave instant worldwide exposure.

Bradley has always been described as a Mod, loving music from The Jam, The Who and Oasis. This is clearly reflected in his branding, particularly in the logo:

Image sourced from Google

Image sourced from Google

We love great branding at Hullo Creative and are passionate about helping our clients communicate who they are in a clear and professional way.

Who’s brand has caught your interest recently? Or are you just out cycling at any opportunity like me??

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