7 of the best corporate Christmas present ideas


First of all, an apology for mentioning the C word!

We know that it’s not even Hallowe’en yet.

But the truth is that if we don’t start thinking about Christmas now then it will sneak up on us before we realise and we won’t be prepared. Especially when it comes to planning our client gifts. Don’t worry though - we’ve got some awesome ideas here for you.

The corporate gift market is worth an estimated £78.3 million a year, so it’s safe to say that rewarding loyal customers and clients with Christmas gifts is a popular idea. But what to choose? With so many companies getting in on the gifting action, how can you make sure yours stand out from the crowd?

Here are some ideas to get you started…

1. Reusable coffee cups / water bottles

We all know that plastic - and waste in general - is killing our planet. Here are a couple of scary stats: 99.75% of disposable coffee cups aren’t recycled, and 1 million plastic bottles are bought every minute around the world. So what better way to improve your corporate social responsibility and that of your favourite clients than gifting them with a reusable coffee cup or water bottle this Christmas? We love the luxe range of thermos bottles at Chilly’s, or you could get branded ones designed so the recipient is reminded of you every time they take a sip.


2. Personalised notebooks / diaries

Life might be pretty digital these days but there are still an awful lot of old school people (us included!) who love nothing better than using a pen and a paper-based product to plan our thoughts and our days. There are loads of great ways to personalise a notebook or diary for your clients, whether you have their name embossed on the front or insert inspirational quotes or even illustrations on the pages throughout.

3. Food and drink

You really can’t go wrong with a bottle of wine or a box of chocolate, can you? Edible (or drinkable) gifts are great because they’re almost universally loved. And even if your client happens to not fancy the particular bottle of Merlot you choose, they can add it to their own gift stash ready for an unexpected guest over the holiday period. Win-win!

4. Sturdy totes


We may well be biased but we honestly think you can’t have too many tote bags. The key is to choose really lovely sturdy ones and make sure that if you do go for branded, it’s not too obvious. Consider getting something more inspirational or design-led printed on yours, with any logo or company details printed in a more subtle, secondary sort of a way. Check out ours as an example.

5. Fancy pens

According to Incentive Magazine, cheap pens are among the worst corporate gifts you can give. In fact, we’d suggest that anything cheap is a bad idea. If you want people to view your brand as quality then you need to make sure that anything you send out (from brochures to business cards, as well as gifts) is quality too. Alternatively, designer pens such as Montblanc and Cross ranked very highly in the Incentive survey, so if your budget can stretch then definitely consider these for your best clients.

6. High tech gadgets

Back in the day it was USB sticks and to be honest our feedback is that people still find these incredibly useful. But there are plenty of other gadget options too. USB cables are always in demand, and if you’re budgeting for a few luxe gift items then why not consider something like a wireless charging pad or wireless speakers? These are a particularly good idea if you work within the tech sector, to show people that you’re well up with the trends.

7. Inspiration and motivation

Print- DSCF0163.jpg

Everyone likes to be inspired so why not find a motivational quote or two that relate to your business area and use these as the basis of your corporate Christmas gifts? You could have them printed on totes, mugs or just as framed prints to be displayed at work or at home. Take a look at the examples we stock in our shop, or get in touch to discuss designing a range of your own.

Finally, don’t forget to include a personalised card with your gift, ideally handwritten and addressed so that your valued client knows they’re not just being marketed to but genuinely looked after.

If you need a hand with the design and printing of your corporate gifts this Christmas, get in touch today to find out how we can help.