7 design trends you need to keep an eye on in 2018


We love the start of a new year, and not just because the frosty views from the cosy Hullo barn are absolutely stunning.

For us January means a clean start, a new page and the anticipation of what’s to come.

One thing we really enjoy doing in January is seeing what the rest of the design industry is predicting will be big over the next 12 months. While we’re firm believers in individuality, understanding the overall trends can be very useful when it comes to making decisions in your own marketing activities.

Here’s our roundup of what’s looking hot for 2018 so far.

Design trend #01: Bold, bright colours

Amazing Print-Hullo-Products-93.jpg

Businesses will be hustling to stand out from the crowd with eye-catching colours that really pop this year. Facebook has been showing us how it’s done by rolling out a choice of brightly coloured backgrounds to make sure text only updates don’t disappear among all the videos and memes we’re sharing these days.

If you choose to use bright colours on your website or in your other marketing materials, make sure you choose a few complementary colours and use them consistently across all mediums, rather than a random rainbow patchwork. Also keep an eye on whether the colours you choose tie in with your branding. (PS We can help you create an extended brand palette if you’re struggling!)


Design trend #02: Authentic images that celebrate your story

We’re seeing a real increase in small business owners who recognise the potential of really personalising their brand. And they’re prepared to prioritise budget for the professional photos that make all the difference.

These individualised images can then be used to inform the design of your website, marketing materials and social media content, leading to lovely consistency and great brand engagement as audiences feel they really get to know the people behind the business.


Design trend #03: Typography as a design element

There has been an explosion in our love for all things typography in recent months, and it doesn’t look set to stop. Sales of our beautiful typography prints are on the up, and we’re seeing lots of companies using bespoke fonts and artful typography, not only online but also in stylish brochures and other printed materials too.


Design trend #04: Geometrics aren’t going anywhere

A strong trend in 2017, geometrics are here to stay. What started as an eye-catching interiors trend has found its way into graphic design in a big way. And our favourite shapes (triangles, hexagons and classic circles among others) will continue to feature heavily in logo designs, background designs and vector art - perhaps combining with those bright colours we talked about earlier.


Design trend #05: Hand drawn illustrations

We’ve always loved hand drawn illustrations, and it looks like we’ll see more of them in 2018 from branding aiming to come across as playful, fun and individual. Cleverly designed illustrations add a friendliness, uniqueness and element of fun that can capture the hearts of the right audience. And they can be used to tie together an entire website as well as other marketing collateral. They also work well across social media.


Design trend #06: Even. More. Video

Did you know that more video content is uploaded to the web in one month than TV production companies make in three years? That’s crazy! But the trend is set to keep on growing. In fact Cisco has predicted that video will make up 80% of all internet traffic by 2019 (that’s only a year away!). So yes, you’ve heard it before, but video will still be king in 2018. Don’t delay, get video into your content marketing strategy today.


Design trend #07: Animations

If you’re a little nervous of getting in front of the camera, there is another way. We’re seeing the popularity of animations increase in a big way – and that’s only set to continue as businesses seek out new opportunities that will set them apart.

Animations can interest and engage viewers much more than a traditional talking head video. And we’re going to explain what we mean using the medium of...yep, you guessed it...animation:



So there you have it - some of the design trends we predict are going to be everywhere in 2018. Get in touch if you fancy giving any of these trends a try and we’ll see what we can do to help. Meanwhile, we’ll just be finishing off this plate of leftover mince pies...

Happy New Year!

Hullo Creative