How to add a Privacy Policy to your Squarespace website


Has GDPR got you in a bit of a fluster?

We are here to hopefully take some of that stress away and give you a quick tutorial video on how to add your Privacy Policy to your website.


Step 1. 
Log into your website so you are in the editing mode

Step 2. 
Add your privacy policy to a new page on your website, make sure it is in the 'Not Linked' section so that it isn't in your main navigation

Step 3.
Go to the 'Footer' and click 'Edit' 

Step 4.
Add a text box and write 'Privacy Policy' or whatever your desired words are

Step 5.
Highlight the text and create a link

Step 6.
Go to 'Content' and find your Privacy Policy page

Step 7.
Select the page and most importantly tick the box that says 'Open in new window'

Step 8.
Click Save and voila, you are done! 


We hope this takes away some of the stress.

Love Hullo Creative