Is it worth getting a professional designer?


When you’re weighing up the best way to spend your marketing budget, you’ll have some tricky decisions to make.

Which activities can be done internally? Which does it make the most sense to outsource to get the benefit of someone else’s expertise and time?

Here we’re looking at the areas that a professional designer will be able to add the most value and those that it might be worth investing in upskilling yourself or a more junior member of your team instead.

“No, don’t do it…or at least not yet”

When you’re just setting up

If you’re only just starting out on your business journey (congratulations by the way – well done for taking the leap), and you’re just piloting or testing out ideas, it may be too early to invest heavily in branding and graphics. After all you’re probably still figuring out who your target audience is and what your brand stands for.

Of course, you’ll have to take the plunge at some point, but it could be an expensive mistake if you later make a change of direction.

For smaller items like Instagram posts

sunlightphotography grid.png

While it can be tempting (once you discover the joy of having a graphic designer at your disposal) to want them to do every little thing for you, social media posts are definitely something that can be arranged internally.

Design apps such as Canva are so easy to use to create professional looking posts and you can even create templates to save time. If you have a junior team member, or someone who’s interested in picking up a new skill why not send them to a relevant workshop?

Of course, commissioning a logo and branding project that will include a full colour palette certainly helps with designing your social media posts; you’ll be far better able to create a cohesive look and feel to your feeds.

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For internal communications in a small company

We’re not saying internal comms aren’t important for a small company. They are; they’re vital for sharing important news and company wins as well as bringing everyone together to form a cohesive team. We’re just saying that as an item on the marketing agenda they don’t need to cost the earth.

Yes, make sure you brand the email or newsletter with your logo, use company fonts and choose colours from your agreed palette, but that’s as far as it needs to go. And that’s something that can be done internally using a desktop publishing package or even just your email software!

“Yes, hiring the pros will make all the difference”

For logos and branding

Getting your logo and branding right is fundamental. It gives potential customers an important first impression of you and if done right, makes you easily identifiable and memorable. But doing it yourself just never gets quite the same results.

An investment in a great colour palette and logos that work in monotone as well as colour will give you the basic ingredients you need to create any other marketing materials you might need. You can always find advice via blogs like this one: How to get people to read your marketing materials when it comes to pulling everything together.

For client-facing materials such as brochures and proposals

It will always be the case that external communications need to take precedence over internal ones, making them the priority when it comes to budget allocation. Marketing materials that will be sent to clients or used to advertise your business to prospective new customers should be polished to perfection.

And that’s where a professional graphic designer can make the difference.  

For larger, more complex projects

Sometimes you’re faced with a marketing project that is just simply too much to manage internally. Perhaps there are numerous different elements like email campaigns and graphics for use in a big presentation, as well as stationery and banners for an event. In this case, it’s worth finding a creative agency that you know has the experience and capacity to take the pressure off you by managing the whole thing.

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If you don’t have the time or the skills

It’s not just big projects that can become unmanageable. If you are busy ‘doing the do’ as they say, you might find those irritating marketing jobs never quite make it to the top of the list. What’s more, if you’re not confident about doing this kind of thing yourself, it can be easy to simply never get around to it. Procrastination is real!

In this case, we give you permission to get yourself out of a permanent state of procrastination by hiring professional help. The feeling of relief will be immediate.

And last but not least: for your website

Miranda k-Website Mock up.png

Your website is, arguably, one of the important parts of your marketing strategy. It works hard for you 24/7, allowing you to continue to market yourself even while you sleep. And in many cases, it can give prospective customers and clients their first impression of you and your brand – potentially converting them to sales. In this internet marketing era, a good website is vital for each and every business. So why would you opt for second best by doing it yourself?

If you’re looking for design support for your marketing materials, we’re always happy to chat. And if we think your marketing budget could be better spent, we won’t be afraid to tell you. Why not give us a call?