How to make your B2B service business more visual


It’s no secret that we humans are visual beings.

Our brains find it far easier to process images than text. In fact a study by MIT showed that we can take in images and attach meaning to them in just 13 milliseconds – that’s up to 10 times faster than we can understand text.

Couple this with the well-documented decrease in our attention spans, and you start to understand how crucial it is to use visuals in your marketing if you want to attract attention these days.

But what about if you’re in an industry where you don’t naturally generate lots of visual content? Financial services, for example, or legal or insurance. You might feel it’s impossible to share the stunning visuals that your retail and creative counterparts can. Or maybe you find yourself resorting to stock imagery – the same kind of thing everyone else in your industry is using.

In fact, it’s entirely possible for any industry to make use of imagery, and we’ve brought together five simple ways right here.




Infographics are a great tools for presenting data and statistics in a way that’s interesting, informative and easy to understand. Infographics should be attractive to look at, combining short snappy soundbites or stats and appealing visuals. Think carefully about the layout, colour scheme and fonts you use, making sure the end result is clearly branded so it’s recognisably yours.

If you don’t have the skills to create an infographic in-house, employ a graphic designer to help you get a professional finish. You can maximise the value you get from it by blogging and sharing the infographic across social media. HubSpot, the content marketing experts, suggest that infographics are liked and shared three times more than any other type of content. So they’re great for growing brand awareness, building authority and attracting important SEO-boosting backlinks to your site.



If the subject you want to discuss is too involved for an infographic, you could try a presentation. Sites like SlideShare are becoming increasingly popular, allowing presentations to be searched for and shared, and helping you gain authority in your specialist areas.

Any presentations you produce should be branded and consistent in terms of colours, fonts and graphics used. You can even repurpose content by sharing individual slides and information grabs across social media and your website or blog.


Bespoke illustrations

If you’re after something unique to set you apart from your competitors, consider bespoke illustrations. These can be designed with your target audience in mind and can incorporate any subject matter you like. Illustrations can include text or hand-lettering depending on the message you want to get across, and will ideally be designed to complement your existing branding and colour palette.

Illustrated websites are increasingly popular in the creative and design industries, but there’s no reason that they couldn’t work brilliantly for other industries too. What’s more, an investment in beautiful illustrations will mean you have a ready-made supply of visual content to share for a long time to come.



Why not take your graphics a step further with animation? Hand drawn or whiteboard animations are uniquely engaging and fascinating to an audience. They capture the imagination, making complex subjects much more easily digestible, and surprisingly memorable.

Have a look at this example we created for Lloyds Salvage Arbitration Branch, describing the salvage process when a cargo ship gets into trouble at sea. The subject might be fairly dry, but combining a tight script with simple informal visuals helps bring the story to life.



Picture quotes

What if you don’t have the budget to spend on bespoke illustrations and animations? In that case, use a simple tool like Canva to create shareable graphics and picture quotes. Choose useful statistics or facts from within your industry, testimonials from previous clients, or even inspirational quotes - as long as they’re relevant to your target market.

Use a colourful background, quality headshots of your team, or a high quality stock image, then add filters and text to make your message stand out.

Timesaving tip: Create templates that have a consistent look and feel and tie in with your branding. Remember you’ll need several templates that are the right dimensions for each social media channel (Canva helps you do this). That way you can quickly create picture quotes and share them whenever you have a few minutes.

If you feel inspired and you’d like more information about how Hullo Creative could help you develop stunning brand visuals, get in touch today for a chat.

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