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We’ve seen a growth in the popularity of animation in the last few years, with big brands and small recognising it as a creative and cost-effective method of storytelling when compared to traditional videography. Bringing a potentially complex subject to life with a mixture of colourful graphic images, artful text and carefully scripted voiceover, can deliver your message in a fraction of the time it would take to read and digest a long sales page or article.

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The powerful medium hit the headlines at Christmas when Iceland (the frozen food chain, not the country!) chose to use a moving animated film to highlight issues with the use of palm oil as part of their seasonal marketing. So, there’s no denying that animation has the potential to deliver an attention-grabbing message that will help you stand out from the crowd.

But for a small or medium-sized business, the upfront cost of this kind of thing can seem like a bottom-line busting investment. That’s why we’re looking at how you can get more bang for your buck from a professionally produced animation.

When you look at it this way, the figures really do start to make sense:

Idea #1
Share, reshare and share some more

Obviously one of the best ways to increase ROI is to get your new animation in front of as many eyes as possible. Often people worry about oversharing content on social media as they are concerned about annoying their audience. Don’t be!

Thanks to dwindling attention spans and increasingly complex algorithms, only a fraction of the content you share on social media will even be seen by each of your followers. Consider the fact that 6,000 tweets are sent every second – that’s a lot of noise to get through. We’re not telling you this to put you off social media – we’re simply pointing out that you can afford to share things a good few times without fear of offending your audience.

And remember, as long as your animation is still current you can keep sharing months or even years later. After all, you should be gaining new followers all the time.    

Top tip: Mix up the ways you reshare your animation. Use a different image in each post and ask relevant questions or pick up on specific points to capture interest and drive engagement.

Idea #2
Feature your animation in prominent places

To get your money’s worth from your investment make sure you feature it in the most prominent places you can. Your homepage or product landing page is an obvious one, depending on the content of your animation. In fact, Slideshare report that video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more - so that’s a no-brainer.

You could also feature graphics from the animation in your cover image on Facebook, suggesting that your audience go to your homepage to watch in full. Or create a pinned tweet to give your new animation more permanence and draw attention from new followers.

Idea #3
Consider breaking your animation into shorter clips  

When you’re briefing your designers, why not specify that you’d like to be able to use shorter clips of the animation in isolation if possible? As value for money goes this a great idea - you’ll have more to share and therefore more opportunity to grab attention and get eyes back to your website.

This animation produced for Protexin, is a great example. We wrote and designed it deliberately to allow the separate points to be split up and used as standalone clips.  

Protexin Hullo Creative - Screen Shot 3.png

Idea #4
Use it to spice up pitches and presentations

If you’ve ever watched The Apprentice, you’ll notice that not a pitch goes by without a quick (usually cringeworthy) video to kick it off. A professional (non-cringeworthy) animation can be a great way to grab your audience’s attention and provide background to your product or service. It can also be a great ice-breaker helping to settle your nerves before you begin speaking.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking the animation you create has to be all about generating leads. With the right content it can help to convert leads into sales too by explaining complex information in an easy-to-understand format and making your brand look extremely professional.

Protexin Hullo Creative - Screen Shot 2.png

Idea #5
Choose screenshots for use as static graphics

Remember, animations are effectively made up of a sequence of static images, so there’s nothing to stop you choosing your favourite ones to use elsewhere in your marketing.

Fancy brightening up your website with new graphics? Take stills from your animation. Want to create an on-brand marketing leaflet or brochure? Select your favourite images to use. Not only will this save you money on creating new illustrations but your business and marketing collateral will look consistent, allowing your audience to move seamlessly between your online and offline presence. Doesn’t that sound good?

You could even take it a step further by turning key points into an infographic or blog post or sharing the voiceover as audio only – the opportunities are endless.

If you’re convinced on the ROI and would like to find out more about creating an animation for your business, get in touch we’re always happy to chat through ideas.

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