Product packaging - 5 of our favourites and why they work


There’s a lot more to product packaging than many people realise.

Not only does it need to look great on the shelf to stand out from its competitors and catch the eye of the casual browser, it must also make it clear and obvious what’s inside plus it needs to be practical - perhaps by protecting the product or keeping it fresh.

Only by putting plenty of thought into all the elements - the design, the materials, the graphics and the copy, will you get it just right. And that’s why it’s useful to get expert advice (ahem - over here), so you can be sure your packaging works as hard as possible for your product.

This week we’ve picked some products that we think do this stuff brilliantly and why they work so well.

1. Monty Bojangles

Monty Bojangles.jpg

Monty Bojangles boxes are so wonderfully colourful, creative and eye-catching that Emily once bought some for someone without even knowing what they were (they’re cocoa-dusted truffles by the way, and have since become a firm favourite), simply because they were so pretty.

Capturing the present market pretty successfully over recent years, the fun, bright, bold images and the story they tell – about an intrepid cat explorer who travels the globe looking for tasty treats – capture the imagination instantly. And the packaging is not just about the graphics, it employs fantastic copywriting too. The eccentric tone of voice works perfectly with the brand’s overall image and proclaims that Monty’s truffles are “curiously moreish” – we couldn’t agree more!

2. Glossier


In a world where brands are finding themselves competing with hundreds if not thousands of others, it can be hard to do things differently. This is particularly true in a crowded market like makeup. But cult make-up brand Glossier has done just that, building its brand on giving buyers simple skin care choices that are all about helping them love the skin they’re in, not just covering up flaws.

And this simple, natural ideal is translated into their packaging too, communicating what they’re all about the second you pick up a product. Mainly white, with soft block colours acting as a backdrop to their uncomplicated logo, this is a make-up brand that stands out by paring the design back in a way that none of their competitors are. And with 1.9M followers on Instagram and growing, they’re obviously doing something right.

3. Edinburgh Gin


Here at Hullo, we love a clean, simple logo. Especially when it is given pride of position like it is on an Edinburgh Gin bottle. That’s the mark of a confident brand.

In fact, it’s not just the logo we love, it’s everything about the labelling on this bottle. The contrast between beautiful pattern and simple monochrome, the clever pairing of contrasting fonts and the reassuring consistency across the different product lines.

And the gin tastes pretty good too!

4. Bloom & Wild

Bloom & Wild.jpg

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to receive Bloom & Wild flowers, you’ll have noticed the clever use of packaging. Simple and elegant, the slimline brown boxes, decorated only with the company’s logo, are perfectly designed to fit through a standard sized letterbox, giving Bloom & Wild their unique USP – flowers that can be delivered even if the recipient is out.

And thought has gone, too, into how to best protect the flowers in transit with each bloom being given its own little protective cover.

It’s this packaging that differentiates the Bloom & Wild products from traditional delivered bouquets.

5. Clipper Tea


Look along the shelves in the tea aisle in your local supermarket and you’ll instantly spot Clipper’s cheerful packaging. Going against the grain of what the other established brands are doing - think Yorkshire Tea, Tetley and PG Tips – we’ll bet you can picture the logos and recognise the brands, but they might not necessarily make you stop and smile half-way down the aisle.

The super simple consistency of Clipper’s distinctive products, using a bold but restricted colour palette gives them clear brand personality – they have clearly put a lot of effort into making their packaging stand out. And even better, when you open them up to get your tea bags out, you’ll find there’s plenty more going on inside– with intriguing bits of copy injecting plenty of humour and personality into the experience of using the product.

Amazing Grains.jpg

We use many of these principles when it comes to designing product packaging for our clients.  For Amazing Grains we chose to create areas of contrasting white and bright block colours and patterns, making sure the logo stands out clearly. And we took elements from the packaging, such as the lovely patterns and strong colours to use throughout the company’s other marketing materials.

So, there you have it, our favourite product packaging – tea, chocolates, gin, flowers and make-up – not sure what that says about us! But you have to admit they are all beautiful for different reasons.

Hop over to our social media and let us know some of your favourite product packaging designs. And if you need help to develop your own packaging into something that makes you shriek with glee when you see it on the shelf, give us a bell.