What’s going to be hot in design in 2019?


Part of the reason we love what we do is because of the way design moves on and changes.

Ideas and techniques develop and tastes evolve. Although good design should last more than a few months, there’s an element to which evolution is a natural part of branding. That’s why we like to keep an eye on where the industry is going, what other people are up to (nosy? Us?) and trying out new ideas to see what we think…and more importantly what our clients think.

So, without further ado, this is what we’ve got our eye on at the moment. We think we’ll see plenty more where this has come from in 2019.

What do you think? Anything you particularly like or don’t like?

#1 Moving away from straight lines in web design

The move to responsive, mobile friendly sites has seen a simplification of website design in recent years, with graphics pared back to make sure they look good on smaller screens. But it seems we’re ready to be a bit more adventurous in 2019.

Obviously, it’s still important to consider readability and user experience on handheld devices, but we’ve noticed a trend away from straight lines breaking up different sections on a website. Instead, we’re loving curves, diagonals and shaped blocks.

The k-interiors.co.uk website, which we designed recently, includes hexagons, triangles, diamonds and ovals interrupted by textured brush strokes. We love the way these unexpected shapes add interest and modern appeal, as well as being in keeping with Kay’s bright and inviting interior design style.

#2 Adding interest in the background

We’re pleased to say we’re seeing a move away from fully plain white backgrounds on websites. There’s nothing wrong with pared-back style but, well…this is just a bit more exciting, isn’t it? We’re seeing brands wanting to inject more personality into their sites, using bespoke illustrations or moving photos and videos to welcome people to their little corner of the web.

When combined with consistent brand colours and fonts this can be a really effective way to show your audience exactly what you’re about the second they arrive on your site. Check out this site design for the Social Media Academy to see what we mean. We also love Moleskine as an example of a global brand that’s right on trend.

#3 Layering flat shapes

Gone are the days when over-fussy photos and flowery text jockeyed for position on leaflets. One way we’re seeing designers add interest to flat layouts is through the use of layering, but without overcomplicating things.

We’re talking classic shapes in block colours, layered to connect the elements of the design, draw the eye and frame the message. Simple but effective. These leaflets, designed for St Saviours Guildford and The Relationships Academy, illustrate this idea perfectly.


#4 Brands not afraid to use daring colours

In an age of information, brands have to do all they can to stand out. Perhaps that’s why we’re seeing more and more bright, bold colours being used to shout “look at me”. From daring pinks to garish greens, strong brands are no longer afraid to stamp their mark when it comes to colour.

Log on to mailchimp and you’ll be almost blinded by yellow (along with some lovely bespoke moving illustrations – see point 2). Their site certainly grabs your attention from the off.

#5 Moving away from stock images to more natural shots

While carefully selected stock photos have their place – we sometimes use them ourselves for blog posts and the like – we can’t help feeling that the more posed, corporate-style examples have had their day. Instead, we’re seeing a move away from staged professional pictures to more candid shots, often captured on an iPhone. This is the Insta generation of businesses and that natural Instagram style is translating well onto websites and other marketing materials.

Check out the photos on the Rin Hamburgh & Co site  for some ideas, or find out more about getting the right photos for your site on our previous blog on the subject.

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If you’d like to talk about how some of these design trends could be incorporated into your site or marketing materials for 2019, why not get in touch today? We’d love to chat.

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