Trend alert: Why print isn’t dead


We always find it interesting to see the trends that come and go in the design world. In the last few months we’ve noticed a real shift towards printed marketing materials, especially services flyers. Lots of people have seen the ones we use in our 121 packs and have asked us to design something similar for them!


It’s not surprising really. The fact that we live in a digital age means we’re overwhelmed by content on our screens. But there’s something about holding a printed sheet of physical paper - especially if it’s a substantial, good quality stock - that helps us slow down and focus that little bit more. It’s almost a more emotional connection; you feel the value of what you’re holding, the effort that has gone into creating it, and you’re more likely to read it than a passing Facebook or LinkedIn advert.

Some people also just find it easier to read and take in information from a physical piece of paper rather than a screen. We know of several clients who will always print off PDFs and other documents before they try and read them properly.

What kind of printed products are popular now (and why)?


As we’ve already mentioned, services flyers are getting really popular. They’re a great way of setting out what you do so people can see at a glance, without having to look at your website. It may be that people know one or two of the services you offer but not others, so this could easily open up new leads.

Journals and notebooks are also big right now and we’ve been designing more and more of them. Some are plain, others have different page styles (lined, graph, plain), or inspirational quotes / business tips. But all of them are practical and useful to potential clients and customers, so if you include your branding in the design then you’ll be in front of them regularly for some time as they continue to use it.

And finally, because there’s nothing lovelier than getting an actual note in the post, we’ve found more businesses are wanting branded cards designed, especially thank you cards. The ones in our shop are popular too, and have helped us grow our brand awareness while making the world a happier, more colourful place!

How to make the print trend work for your business

One argument that is often made against printed materials is the environmental impact. And it’s true that we need to think carefully about using paper. But there are eco-friendly options such as recycled papers and those made with wood sourced from sustainably managed forests, as well as natural, vegetable-based inks. By using these green products you can show that your business cares about the environment as well as profits.

It’s also worth being really targeted with your print marketing. Print fewer flyers, choosing good quality and sustainable paper, then send them out to a well-defined group rather than using a scattergun effect. Our 121 packs are a good example (if we do say so ourselves!) because they only go to people who are already interested in what we do.


If you want to talk about getting a services flyer, notebook, journal or any other printed materials designed, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.