Writing your own script


What is your animation story?

Whether you want to tell your brand story, demo a product or explain a complicated process, animations are an ideal tool.

“Compared to talking head videos, whiteboard animations increase the amount of information viewers retain by 15%.”

- Richard Wiseman

We can take you through the whole process, from the ideas stage, on to scripting, storyboarding, animating and choosing music or voice overs. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to see how the project is progressing so you can be sure you’ll end up with a result you’re proud of.

Writing your own script

Getting your script written by a copy writer is a great way to clearly get your message across and make sure you are saying what you need but sometimes it just isn’t feasible so here are a few tips for writing it yourself.

Before you start

Ask yourself - what is your animation for?

It’s important to figure this out before putting pen to paper (or hands to keyboard). Key facts to think about are;

  • Who is the animation for?

  • What are you trying to say?

  • What do you want them to walk away knowing?

Once you know this, remember to write like ‘you’, using the tone of voice for your business. There is a great blog about this over on Rin Hamburgh & Co’s website.

One you have answered those questions you are ready to write….but that blank page can be overwhelming - so here are 3 ways to write your own animation script:

1. The Story

This is where you will explain someone’s story, the struggles they are having and how you/ your product/ your service can help them. Maybe write down a few key words and start from there to create the story/example.


E.g ’This is Zach, this is his problem, he struggles with this and doesn't know how to solve it. Then Zach found us and this is how we solved it' example of one of our animations?

2. What's the problem and how can I solve it?

This way of scripting an animation can be used to highlight a ‘problem’ and how you/ your business can solve it. This works well if you want to state facts or use statistics . E.g 'Do you struggle being heard? Did you know that 'x' amount of people can't reach their target market?' Well, we have a solutions. We can help by ....' example?

3. Write your 60 seconds

Often in a networking meeting you’ll have to sum up your business in 60 seconds. This is another idea you could use when writing the script for your animation. This way of writing is from more of a personal point of view instead of telling a story about someone else.


Eg: Hi, Im Rose, I am an employment lawyer and I help people when they have a dispute in the work place….. example?

Hopefully now you have a good idea for your script and are well on your way to creating your new animation!

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