Hullo Creative is a design collective based in Tickenham, just on the outskirts of Bristol. 

Freelancers specialising in all different types of design and media work together in one space, sharing ideas and inspiration. 

Together we specialise in branding, design, illustration, animation, copywriting, film making and social media.

As projects come in, founder and creative director Suzi Hull, an experienced graphic designer and project manager and her team bring together the right specialists in the barn to collaborate and produce the best outcome for your projects.

Whether you need a new website, eye catching product packaging, animated online video or printed marketing material, we’ve got access to the very best people for the job.




Founder and creative director

Suzi founded Hullo in 2013. Her secret pastime is turning the music up and dancing in the lounge with her little boy Joshua when nobody's home.


Studio and project manager

Emily is our go to digital guru for all things online and on screen, but with her past in dancing, she is always up for a boogie in and out the studio!





Film maker and producer

Nick makes attention grabbing films and documentaries with Filma-King. Also his home-brewed limoncello is a local delicacy.
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Hayley is a graphic design with a penchant for print. Her favourite way to spend a spare hour is with a cup of coffee and a good fantasy novel.
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Jade Wicks
marketing professional

Jades is a marketing genius! She runs her own company over at Doeth Marketing. She loves nothing more then a glass of wine in front of the tele on a Friday night.




Rin has a way with words, and writes inspirational copy and articles. She also has beautiful cheeky twins and is our go-to expert on wine and cheese.
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Amy trevaskus
Writer and Social Media Consultant

Amy is always on Facebook, it's good she’s a social media specialist! On the side, she writes for TV and film. And, she loves Doubles Deckers.
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Max Randall
Graphic designer

Max is a graphic designer who has a love of magazines and all things printed and still dreams of being a professional footballer one day.
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Emma Randall

Emma is a children's book illustrator, and proudly says she can cycle up the hill to the Hullo Creative studio without stopping.
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Emmie -1.jpg

Emmeline Simpson
Illustration Merchandise

Emmeline is an artist who creates beautiful collages of cities like Bristol. She loves reading (and then ripping up!) a good magazine to find new textures for her collage.
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Ali -1.jpg

Alison Hull
Book Editor

Working with Authentic and Lion Hudson plc, Ali has commissioned and edited hundreds of books. She's particularly good at encouraging authors to write the best books they can.


want to work in the studio?

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